Snug as a Bug in a Rug



A local pet supply store referred Sue to me this spring. I contacted Sue to see if she was available to dog sit my three little furbies. I was so impressed by her professionalism and her kindness towards my dogs. Sue was able to accommodate short notice and most importantly she treated my dogs like her own. Sue spent time playing and sitting with them. One of my dogs is a senior which requires medication. Sue made sure she know the med instructions and organizes them accordingly. I can’t say enough of how great Sue is. It’s really a peace of mind knowing Sue always take excellent care of my furbies. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who is looking for a quality pet sitter. In fact, I already referred a friend to Sue and she likes her so much that my friend is referring others to her.

Sylvia L.

Sue was wonderful! She asked me if I wanted to hear from her while I was gone. I asked her to text me once a day. The best text was a surprise video of one of my cats! What a great surprise because I miss my pets so much when I am gone.

Melissa W.

The services and level of care you provide greatly exceeded our expectations! You were a godsend to us during a time when our long-term dog-care provider was unavailable and we are extremely happy you have agreed to “be there” for us should the need arise in the future. We heartily recommend you and your services to any prospective client!

John F.

Highly recommended!! I’m very picky with who has contact with my dogs, and I completely trust and stand behind Sue’s ability to take care of and provide excellent service to my (and other’s) dogs!

Sue performed 4 separate Reiki sessions with my one year old Rottweiler, and it was amazing to see him respond to her positive energy. He is still a puppy and is naturally full of energy, but quickly relaxed and soaked up her healing vibes! My dog’s recovery from a fractured hip I feel was partly because of Sue’s Reiki healing sessions! Thanks so much, Sue!! 🙂

Kelly M.

Sue is simply the Best!!! I am a very big animal lover & I only want the best for my dogs…I found that in Sue! Sue has performed Reiki on two of my dogs for different issue’s. My pup for anxiety & my other dog for arthritis. It was amazing to see the difference in them when she was done! They love their Reiki sessions with Sue!

Jill S.