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 First and foremost, I am an animal lover. One would only assume that is a requirement for my chosen profession.  When I was younger I was terrified of large dogs.  I was bitten by a few, chased up a tree and one time climbed on top of a picnic table in my neighbor’s backyard screaming for my Mom.

Now I find myself the owner of four Great Pyrenees and a beautiful Shepard mix.  I found that by educating myself regarding animal behavior and different breeds I have successfully conquered my adolescent fear.  I have owned many pets in my lifetime; gerbils, hamsters, a rabbit, two ferrets, four birds, two cats and five dogs and experienced heartache from their loss.

Searching for a fulfilling career, I found myself volunteering for a local rescue group and  thanks to the encouragement of this group and my family and friends, I made the decision to start Keep’em Kozy Petsitting!  I understand that sometimes we become overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and that we need time to get away.  The thought of leaving our furry loved ones behind sometimes will keep us from taking much needed time off, not to mention that it can be very stressful for our pets.

My goal is to offer people an alternative to boarding their pets and the concern that accompanies leaving them with people that we do not know.  My personal experience with boarding has never been a positive one.  I would rather stay home with my pets or have a trusted person with them while I am gone.



 Jill– Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

A little bit of information about me,  I have always lived in the area and I am married with a 17 year old son.   We share our house now with four dogs and we are in the process of adopting our first foster dog!  We are foster failures, but it’s all good!  I’m also in training with my dog Mia to become a pet therapy dog.   This will be my second pet therapy dog since I was involved with the first Power Paws For Kids.   It was an amazing experience to watch the kids and dogs interact with each other!  Something I truly look forward to getting back to doing.

JillMy love for all animals began at a very young age and ever since I can remember we always had pets in our home.  Thanks to my Dad for sharing his love of animals with us, growing up in our family we had everything from dogs to ducks.

As a young adult,  I used to drive my Mom crazy bringing home all the stray animals that came my way! It’s funny how some things never change.  I still bring home all the stray animals!  Through the years I’ve brought home and helped find homes for countless souls.   It’s my passion…it’s my life…


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