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Pet Sitter vs Door Lock

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I arrive at a client’s house this morning to find the door knob is locked.  Normally this is a good thing but today it is not.  You see, I had previously discovered that my key had been getting stuck in the lock so made it a point NOT to lock the door knob and only use the deadbolt.  Out of habit I must have locked it the on the previous visit (a good habit).

So I am trying diligently to get the key into to lock and am starting to get a little anxious because the poor dog on the other side of the door is barking and whining to be let out.  I try again and again to get the key to work but to no avail.

I decide to contact the client to see if there is another point of entry.  Unfortunately my call went straight to voice mail.  I decide to look up the client’s emergency contact to find that I was not given one.  At this point I start to panic.

I decide to continue to try to get the key to work in the lock.  After lots of jiggling I finally get the key 3/4 of the way into the lock.  Still the lock will not turn.  I grab a screwdriver from my car and hit the end of the key until I hear it click into the lock.  YAY! WOOPIE! WOO HOO!  The door is open and I am able to get the pup out for a potty break and walk.

So crisis averted, um,  NOT.  Now the key is stuck in the lock.  Oh geez, really!?  I decide to remove the door knob and take the entire mess to a locksmith to have the lock repaired and the key removed.  Ha! Joke is on me.  You can’t lock the deadbolt with the key stuck in the lock!!!

I look over to find a neighbor out front in their yard letting their dog out.  I swiftly walk over and ask, “Good morning, I was wondering if you could help me?  The key is stuck in the door knob, would you happen by chance to have WD40 I could borrow?”  Neighbor responds, “Oh yes, for sure!”

WD40 sprayed into the lock, key is free!  YAY! WOOPIE! WOO HOO! Now I must go re-install the door knob.  An hour and a half later, I move on to my next visit.

What a morning!!!!!